SEO: 5 Tips To Be First On Google in 2020

For a large number of digital marketing specialists, but also for the majority of business leaders, appearing in first position on Google is the objective.

However, today it seems possible to go further since a brand has the possibility of taking control of several positions on the first page of the famous search engine (Google) . Thus, by establishing yourself permanently in the best results, you repel your competitors lower in these.

Also, let’s take a look at 5 tips that, if properly applied, should ensure that your site will rank first on Google.

1. Aim for zero position on Google

Aim for zero position on Google

While first place on Google is still very popular, an increasing number of SEO specialists are targeting the zero position for their websites.

Indeed, it is now possible to show your site in front of the results of natural research, which certainly gives it optimal visibility.

The zero position consists of three main elements:

  • The Featured snippet (or optimized extract) which provides the Internet user with an immediate response to the request it made.
  • The Knowledge card which takes the form of a file relating to the request made
  • Quick answers which, as their name suggests, are short answers like “how to kick a soccer ball“.
Featured Rich Snippet – Zero Position on Google

To hope to appear in the optimized zero position, you will have to make real efforts in terms of SEO but rest assured, nothing is impossible.

My advice:

When you create new content aimed at providing answers to Internet users' questions, 
you have to choose the question as it is most frequently formulated by your target 
as the title and add some reference resources from it. 

Fifty words summarizing the response.

If these reference resources are best of quality, that Google can place in zero position if it judges that you could provide the most relevant response to Internet users.

2. Publish similar content on different sites

If you want to rank several places in the Top 10 Google for your main keywords, it is quite possible to publish similar content from several sites. Be careful however, such a strategy can prove to be very time-consuming and it is therefore better to know where you are going before you get started…

My good trick: 

For example, you can create several sites around the same theme. 
It is then up to you to work on your content in such a way 
that each of them is authoritative and is therefore well referenced by Google.

If the idea of ​​managing two separate sites seems complex to implement, social networks can help you disseminate content and, via links, propel your site to the top of Google.

Quality guest posting with links to your website can also get you up in Google rankings. Not only can you aspire to occupy position #1 with your website but also to occupy position #2 via your guest posts.

However, in this precise situation, it is as if you had managed to conquer the first two places, the guest post being a good means of generating traffic but also of capturing new customers.

Finally, in order to always rank your website better with similar content, you can use replication (and not duplication) by creating different posts that are identical in content but not in form.

3. Place links, links and more links

how to rank higher on google-2020-place-links-more-links

Whatever the length of your content, it must include internal links which must, of course, be relevant.

In fact, be sure to properly associate your content with each other since it is on your choices that Google robots then rely to understand the structure of your site.

However, if the structure appears consistent, Google will tend to value your content, which will help you get closer to the first place so coveted.

4. Write “effective” titles


All Internet users take the time to consult the title of an article before making the decision to read it or not.

Also, it’s from the title that you have to convince people that your content will bring them something. In other words, with a simple title, you must be able to show the Internet user the benefits of your content, without neglecting the SEO imperatives.


In order not to be mistaken in your choice of title, it is consistent to use A / B testings. 
You can easily choose what works best for you.

Also remember to optimize the tags of your titles by avoiding simply duplicating them and taking care to use the keywords well.

5. Keep your content fresh and up to date

Being first on Google is one thing, staying another is another. Also, if you want to permanently install your site in position 1 on the famous search engine, you will need to update your content very regularly.

Google loves fresh content and values ​​sites that make efforts to create new content but also to update old ones. The search engine does not hesitate to waste places on old pages whose information may have become obsolete over time.

So take a little time to offer regular updates, you will be rewarded.

Being first on Google therefore involves work but the amount of effort to be made will depend mainly on the competitive intensity of the keyword on which you want to position yourself.

So don’t be late and implement the 5 SEO tips that I have just offered you now. You will find that quickly your site’s rankings in Google will improve.

Good luck!

By Kevin Lewis Online

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